Kristen Doute Reacts To Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Breakup

Kristen Doute Reacts To Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Breakup

Katie Maloney, 36, criticised his vanderpump rules co-star Raquel Lewis, 28, for being friends with Tom Sandoval, 39; on March 16, his solid mate Kristen Doucet, 40, fanned the flames with a new podcast interview, adding fuel to the fire. She claimed that Tom told her ex-now-girlfriend Ariane Madix, 37, that he had thrown her out of her “comfort zone” while chatting with him, former Bachelor contestant Nick Viall42, on vial files.

He was just trying to make her feel bad about herself, plain and simple. That was no actual apology,” she claimed tom and arianabreak up of, per page six, “He was saying how she by no means supported him, did not validate him. She was the one he put the blame on. For some reason, Kristen and Tom dated for seven years before breaking up in 2014. made him angry, but when I started filming it, So, he’s saying that our relationship is unquestionably one of comfort and contentment, she sobs into his phone as he consoles her. There won’t be any love and romance, Kristen clarified.

Kristen called it a “shame” that she and Ken had a breakup planned for the entirety of Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. The 40-year-old went on to say, “And she or he immediately bursts into tears, her telephone as she goes, ‘So, all these remembrances, all these great journeys we took, all these movies I have, all these kisses. photos, it was all bulls***?'” he also called Ariana’s ex-boyfriend. He’s called her a “narcissist” and “self-centered,” and he claims he has “nothing good” to say about her during this difficult time.

desire as a dark-skinned beauty After dating Tom for a while, she realised that he wasn’t a complete jerk. This is Tom down to a “t,” she said. Also, the Bravo character made fun of Raquel’s statement of regret broadcast during tonight’s show. On March 8th. The final line was, “Tom and I will not be defining our relationship right now,” she said. The phrase “Sit down, lady!” was yelled. Later, he sided with his ally while still beating up the 28-year-old. Kristen made the remark that “Ariana has a spine.” Certainly not Raquel. Tom can rest easy knowing that Raquel has validated everything he needs to check.

Alongside their official statement about their breakup, which they posted to Instagram on March 15th, is Ariana and Kristen’s tell-all interview. “Hello. Where do we even begin? I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and prayers from friends, family, and even strangers over the past two weeks. “When I thought I could not even stand, you all have given me the power to proceed and have seen me through my darkest hours,” she began the lengthy caption.

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As for me, it would be an understatement to say that I’m devastated and damaged. But, I know that I’m not alone in thinking this way. Many of my closest friends are also grieving this loss and feeling betrayed at the moment. I am blessed beyond measure to have the best support system imaginable, and I pray that one day I will be able to show each of you the love and appreciation you have shown me. Higher for what won’t kill me. After saying “Love, Ariana,” the claim concluded. After dating since 2014, Tom and Ariana called it quits earlier this month. Since then, many of his co-stars have spoken out about the split, joining Katie, who she said gave a “appropriate” response to Raquel’s departure. She now has it. On March 15, Bravo aired the sixth episode of Season 10. The following week, on March 22, they aired the seventh and eighth episodes.

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