How to Sign Out of Netflix on All Your Devices

Have you ever tried to watch a show on Netflix and discovered that all of the available screens are already taken, despite the fact that you own that Netflix account?

It is necessary to Sign Out of Netflix from all devices once in a while.  This can support you in keeping your account secure and private. Netflix allows you to log in on multiple devices using the same account. People frequently share their log in details with friends and family, who then share it with their dearest friends.

Because the web of logging from the same account continues to spread, it is important to sign out from all devices once in a while. It is also recommended that you change your passwords on a regular basis and keep control of your account.

Below you can see how to log out  from all devices at once

How to log out of Netflix account from all devices with website?

  • 1) Visit
  • 2) Sign into your account
  • 3) Reach the profile picture on top right corner
  • 4) Click on ACCOUNT option
  • 5) Go to SECURITY & PRIVACY option and select and SIGN OUT FROM ALL DEVICES.
  • 6) Confirm you wan to sign out and its done.

You can also log out from your smartphone apps but it will be only from that particular app and to log out from other devices have to do it from web

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